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3-4in Transparent Counters 1000-st

Learning Advantage

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These chips are excellent for counting, sorting and for use on the overhead projector or a light panel. These transparent counters allow teachers to demonstrate the color counter activities. Set of 1000, 3/4" Transparent Counters. For grades K-3.

Key Features :

Encourage fine motor skills with these counting chips! With 6 colors, children can count, group and explore colorful patterns.Ideal size for learning! Each chip measures 0.75” in diameter so young hands find them easy to pick up. And with 1,000 pieces, you’ll never run out of math game counters again!Visual, tactile teaching aid. Teach children how to mix colors with these counters. As they’re transparent, they look brilliant on projectors and light panels!Counters come in 6 colors: blue, green, purple, yellow, light orange and dark orange.