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(25 Ea) Maped Pencil Sharpener 2 Hole

Maped Helix Usa

Sale price $23.99 Regular price $24.75

A classic - The Shaker is a very practical sharpener with a large integrated shavings canister! Wide body for an easy grip making this sharpener comfortable to use. Bright, transparent sharpener with shatter-resistant container. Available in assorted colors - no color choice upon ordering. Sold as a pack of 25 sharpeners.

Key Features :

2 Hole pencil sharpener perfect for all standard & jumbo sized pencilsCompact shape is easy to hold and great for pencil cases and bagsHigh quality steel blade cleanly sharpens all standard pencil shapesTranslucent, shatter-resistant canister is easy to open and empty when it gets fullVibrant, fun colors!