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(2 Pk) Gekkodots Reusable Adhesive Dots 48 Pk

Lanthum Products

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GekkoDots are easy to use, removable, reusable, clear, double-sided adhesive dots. They have dozens of uses around the home, office, school, lab, workshop, etc. Use GekkoDots to post notes, photos, small signs, cards, and other lightweight items to most smooth surfaces. GekkoDots do not adhere permanently, so they can be removed and reused without damaging paper or what they stick to. They do not bond to themselves and leave no sticky residue. If GekkoDots become soiled, they can be washed and used again. Ideal for: office, home, classroom, lab, or workshop. Use on: walls, windows, doors, mirrors, refrigerators, white boards, computer monitors, displays. Sticks to: paper, wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, tile, granite, marble, aluminum, stainless steel, other metals, laminates, acrylic, and other smooth surfaces. Holds: 2 oz. per dot. Dimensions: 1" diameter. Each pack contains 48 dots. Sold as 2 packs for a total of 96 dots.

Key Features :

Removable, reusable, clear, double-sided, adhesive dotsIdeal for posting notes, photos, and other lightweight items to most smooth surfacesLeaves no sticky residue