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(2 Ea) Crayola Air Dry Clay 5lb Tub Terra

Crayola Llc

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Smoother, finer, and more moldable than traditional clay, Crayola Air Dry Clay softens with just a few drops of water. Simply add water to the clay, let the excess evaporate, and begin molding to create an original sculpture. With Air Dry Clay, kids can create a huge range of different products using all the traditional sculpting techniques, such as pinching, coiling, score-and-weld, and slabbing. It is also well-suited for creating impressions, textures, and stamps. Crayola Air Dry Clay works well with other Crayola products, including tempura paints, acrylic paints, and watercolors. Kids can paint over entire slabs or add simple accents to create a colorful final piece of art. The clay sticks to glitter, spangles, and other embellishments, so kids can bedazzle their sculptures however they want. Sold as a pack of two 5-pound pack of Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay.

Key Features :

Make solid, durable forms without the need for baking in an oven or firing in a kilnEasy to use with traditional modeling techniquesSmoother, finer and less sticky than traditional claySoftens easily with water and quickly cleans from hands and surfacesNon-toxicSold as a pack of two 5-pound pack of Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay.