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(12 Ea) Prang Glue Sticks Mdium Prple .74oz

Dixon Ticonderoga Company

Sale price $29.99 Regular price $30.48

Say good-bye to sticky, messy glue containers! Glue sticks come in a neat twist up container for easy application. Works well with craft projects, photo albums, fabric swatches and much, much more. Won't crack or flake. Safe, washable, and odorless. AP Certified non-toxic. Pack of (12) 0.74 oz glue sticks.

Key Features :

Perfect for use on paper, photos, and fabricsDries wrinkle free to give your projects a clean, professional lookRubs on blue and dries clear, handy twist-up applicator makes large projects easierWashable, odorless, AP certified non-toxic.74 ouncePack of 12