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10ct Acrylic Tube Set 75ml Each

Sargent Art Inc.

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Sargent Art® acrylic tube paints offer superb quality and a wide range of color choices. Rich pigments and smooth bodied acrylics for artists and crafters! Vibrant & opaque colors blend together beautifully and dry to a waterproof finish. Non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D 4236. Set includes 10 colors: mars black, cadmium red hue, primary yellow, dark cobalt violet, primary magenta, phthalocyanine blue, primary cyan, cadmium orange hue, Phthalo emerald green, and titanium white.

Key Features :

Sargent Art acrylic paints have vibrant colors and contain rich pigmentsSuperb quality for all your arts and crafts needsNon-Toxic & Acid Free10 assorted colors