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100 Task Cards Text Evidence

Scholastic Teaching Resources

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Fine-tune your students' abilities to cite text evidence with these easy and entertaining task cards! Each reproducible card contains a high-interest mini-passage and five key questions to hone this must-know skill—in just ten minutes a day. Cards provide guided support to help students identify and effectively cite text evidence across a variety of genres. Content is super-engaging to motivate even your most reluctant readers.

Key Features :

Your students’ abilities to cite text evidence will skyrocket with these 100 high-interest cards—each containing a mini-passage and five key questions.Cards allow for flexible use—questions can be responded to in writing or verbally.Cards target tricky-to-teach comprehension skills such as inferencing, author’s purpose, and citing text evidence.Content is highly engaging and written by a team of published, professional trade authors.Locating age-appropriate, lively, high-quality, short-text passages is a big challenge for teachers—we provide 100 in each book!Cards feature a wide variety of text types to keep students engaged in varied practice.