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Connecting Number Rods


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The set of 64 rods has a selection of rods numbered 1-10 and is ideal for smaller groups of children. Each rod has a number on one side and a corresponding number of dots on the reverse side. Our rods join together with ease, and tackle a number of different mathematical areas such as addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Each rod is color coded to represent a number with the longest rod (number 10) measuring 7.9" long x 1.2" wide. All our rods are chunky and appeal to young Math learners. Age: 3+.

Key Features :

Rods have a number 1-10 on one side and corresponding number of dots on reverse side.All rods are color coded according to their number.Great for a variety of Math exercises such as Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication and Division.Rods join together with ease.