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The Fight For Equality The Us Civil Rights Movement


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This books points out that "...All are created equal." Thomas Jefferson wrote these words in our nation's Declaration of Independence. Yet for many years, these words did not apply to "all men" or all women. Many Americans were not treated with the same civil rights as others. The Civil Rights movement had roots with the abolitionists who worked to end slavery and the "Conductors" of the Underground Railroad. But many were working for civil rights even before the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment. The Civil Rights Movement changed America during the twentieth century. It brought an end to segregation, unfair voting practices, and other unfair treatments of minorities in the United States. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. led many Americans to realize that the country needed a Civil Rights Movement so that all men and women could really be equal! How did Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. contribute to the Civil Rights Movement? How did the Civil Rights Movement change the United States? When did the Civil Rights Movement end? Is it still going on? Look inside to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement means for American today! This 32-page book is reproducible and educational. A partial list of the Table of Contents include: A Timeline of Events The Fight for Equality: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement Revolutionary Rights! The Underground Railroad Lincoln Against Slavery Women Fight for Equal Rights Indian Citizenship Act Tuskegee Airman Freedom Rights March on Washington Civil Rights Leaders Additional Resources Glossary And More! This fun-fill activity book includes: Build a Paper Airplane Make an Origami Peace Dove! Fact or Opinion Fill in the Blank Chronological Order Answer the Questions And Much More!

Key Features :

Presents highlights and a chronology for America's move towards civil rightsAn overview of human rights progress from the founding of America to the civil rights movementReproducible activities to supplement civil rights lessonsMultiple approaches to teaching human and civil rights