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(3 Pk) Addition Dice Set Of 10

Koplow Games Inc.

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Koplow Games Addition dice set is perfect to improve the math fluency of your kids. Fun and effective way to learn basic math. Addition dice features +1 through +6. Suitable to use for learning centers or group activities. Dice measure 16mm (5/8"). Each pack includes 10 dice. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 30 dice.

Key Features :

Use of manipulatives in a classroom creates an energy not typically found with traditional flashcards, workbooks, etc.Addition dice +1 through + 6 Fun way to learn basic mathHands-on learning will increase retention and create a fun learning environmentGreat alternative to flashcards and traditional learning methods to create a fun teaching atmosphere10 per set, sold as 3 sets, 30 dice total