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Instamold 48 Oz

Activa Products

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InstaMold is perfect for making a quick and perfect reproduction of your treasured memorabilia, including 3D objects. InstaMold is a temporary mold making compound and is simply activated with water. This wonderful material is perfectly safe to make a body cast with and will make a replica which includes the finest of detail. InstaMold does not stick to the original object and once you have your temporary mold you can then make a number of permanent castings using other materials such as ArtPlaster, Permastone, resin, or wax. InstaMold is the perfect mold-making material for craft projects such as custom-designed pottery pieces or cherished heirlooms! Each pack includes 48 oz. of InstaMold.

Key Features :

The mold making compound is activated by waterInstaMold is completely harmless and can be used for body castingTakes shape in a matter of minutesThe material will not adhere to the original item you are casting