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(2 Rl) Sandtastik Rappit Plstr Cl Rl 8x15


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Just cut, dip in water, squeeze out excess, and begin to model. Create 3D sculptures, dioramas, masks, body & face castings and more. Rapid dry. Smooth durable finish. Ready to decorate in minutes! Microwavable for even quicker hardening. Medical grade for all your sculpting, casting design projects. Each roll measures 8 in X 15 ft. Sold as a pack of 2 rolls.

Key Features :

Versatile casting Compound! Just cut, dip in water, squeeze out excess, and begin to model.Rappit Plaster Cloth contains more plaster per square inch than leading brands to ensure a superior, thick plaster consistency.How To Apply Rappit Plaster Cloth: Cut to desired length, dip in warm water, lift out and gently squeeze out excess water and apply. For best results, overlap a portion of the previous bandage until the surface is covered. 3 layers is sufficient.3-2-1 Activate! Activate by dipping a stripe of plaster gauze in cool water, plaster sets in just 5 minutes.Use for: School projects (volcano, bridge, castle), Casting masks, Maternal body castingRapid dry. Smooth durable finish.