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Playground Ball Set Of 6 8 1-2in

Champion Sports

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Take on a variety of playground games with the 8.5 inch Rhino® Poly playground ball set. These balls are designed using a unique process of rotational molding, ensuring each ball will maintain the perfect shape after regular use. This ultimate bladder-free playground ball features a seamless design that prevents no shape distortion or air leakage even if it's over-inflated. The Rhino® Poly playground ball set offers ease of play and is an excellent choice for all age groups. The Rhino® textured cover offers exceptional grip and durability, making them a convenient option for gym classes and playground games during recess.

Key Features :

Rhino® Poly coverSeamless and bladder-free designMade by a special rotational molding process8.5" diameterSet of 6 balls, one of each color in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple