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(2 Ea) Soccer Ball Size 5 Composit Green

Champion Sports

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Great for recreational and competitive league games and practices in any kind of weather conditions, the Champion Sports Extreme Soccer Ball is designed with a soft-touch composite TPU cover for a soft feel without compromising the ball's weight and striking power. The butyl bladder offers exceptional air retention, and the patented machine-stitch technology of the panels offers added durability, ensuring this size 5 all weather soccer ball will hold up to play in any kind of conditions. Sold as a pack of 2.

Key Features :

Soft-touch composite TPU cover for added softness without compromising power and weightButyl bladder for exceptional air retention and durability during intense play in all outdoor conditionsPatented machine-stitched panels for added quality and durabilityAll weather soccer ball can stand up to wet conditionsSold as 2 balls in green