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Removable Double-Sided Mounting Tabs, 1-2 in x 3-4 in, Pack of 480


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Change your décor as quickly as inspiration strikes with Scotch® Removable Double-Sided Mounting Tabs. These convenient tabs let you mount your favorite photos, kids' artwork and to do lists with their easy stick-on design that doesn't damage your surfaces when it's removed. They're compatible with a variety of surfaces, from your walls, to your child's locker, to your office window. So, keep on creating without regret with the undetectable secret assistance of Scotch® Removable Double-Sided Mounting Tabs. Sold as a pack of 480 Mounting Tabs.

Key Features :

i : Use instead of push pins to keep your surfaces looking great
ii : Removes easily without leaving any residue on ideal surfaces
iii : To hold 1 lb use 8 tabs
iv : Designed for hanging and securing lightweight items including artwork, photos and cards